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Understanding Your Rights with GPB Capital through Haselkorn & Thibaut’s Expertise

If you were a GPB Capital investor, you probably know that your investment has been lost and you are likely suffering significant financial losses. The experienced securities arbitration lawyers at Haselkorn & Thibaut, P.A. are currently representing numerous investors in GPB Capital lawsuits (filed as FINRA customer arbitration claims) nationwide. Our law firm specializes in helping investors recover their investment losses and damages related to private placement investments like the GPB Capital funds.

During the past two years, Find out more about your rights with GPB Capital on Haselkorn & Thibaut’s site has been plagued with issues that have eroded investor confidence in this New York-based fund management company. The most recent bad news is that the company’s Chief Compliance Officer, who was only hired less than a year ago, has been indicted on charges including obstruction of justice. GPB Capital has also reportedly been engaged in an ongoing Ponzi-like scheme and has been subject to multiple pending lawsuits and investigations by the FBI, State of Massachusetts, and FINRA.

In February 2021, the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) officially converted the ongoing monitorship of GPB Capital Holdings LLC and related entities into a receivership. This change is a major step in the process to hasten the return of the funds invested by nearly 17,000 retail investors. However, the value of the GPB Capital funds continues to decline and the liquidation of the assets may not be sufficient to return all investor principal.

The SEC’s appointment of a receiver places the control of the company and its assets in the hands of a court-appointed individual, Joseph Gardemal of Alvarez & Marsal. Gardemal has been working to bring the funds back to the investors as quickly as possible. However, there are numerous pending lawsuits, ongoing investigations, and other factors that could significantly reduce the amount of available funds.

Many GPB Capital investors are seniors, who have been relying on their GPB Capital funds to supplement their retirement income. Those investors were told by their financial advisors to “hang in there” and that the investments would eventually pay off. However, the lack of financial reporting, the continued negative news, and now the indictments of several former principals appears to be the last straw for many investors.

The GPB Capital investment attorneys at Haselkorn & Thibaut recommend that any investors who have suffered significant financial losses in these investments contact an experienced securities arbitration attorney immediately. The lawyers at Haselkorn & Thybaut have a national securities practice that is dedicated to assisting investors in recovering their investments. They represent clients in FINRA arbitration and class action lawsuits against brokerage firms and financial advisors that misrepresented, unsuitably recommended, or failed to properly disclose GPB Capital investments and/or other high-risk private placement securities. For most investors, the best and quickest way to address these issues is to file a FINRA customer dispute claim against the financial advisors and broker-dealer firms that suggested this investment. FINRA arbitration claims are a fast, efficient and direct way for investors to recover their lost investment proceeds.

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